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The Freemasonic Architecture of History

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The Freemasonic Architecture of History

Published 11/4/2005

The Architecture of History (How the World has been Set-Up)
Is history being 'concocted'? Yes it is. Hidden powerful interests associated with 33rd degree freemasonry are attempting to take credit in 'architect'ing history to create a despotic one world totalitarian government. If you thought any president since JFK had good intentions, please look at the long trail of evidence contained in this unique book. For example, two catastrophies occured on the "11th" anniversary of two speeches Bush I delivered announcing the "New World Order'. One was in front of Congress on 9/11/1990 and the other was in front of the UN on 2/1/1992. 11 years from the first was 9-11-2001. 11 years from the second was the intententional sacrifice of STS 107 Columbia over Dallas - the "33rd" parallel, a number coveted by freemasons implanted throughout the US government on 2/1/2003. 9-11 commemorated the initial "9" Knights Templar who banded together in "1111"AD. Next, On 3/11/2004 (3x11-"33") they murdered '19'1 people on trains in Madrid on the 19th anniversary of Mikail Gorbechev's inauguration as the Soviet Secretary General on 3/11/1985. Frightening? Yes. True? Yes. (1900-2005 covered.)
($10 in print)

Publisher Eric Rainbolt
Language English
Book contributor Eric Rainbolt
Collection folkscanomy_politics; folkscanomy; additional_collections
Notes This book was recently written because it represents the reality beyond the lies of this world and how The People of the world are being led into World War 3 for the continued profit of devil worshippers. The mainstream is caught right in the middle of a river of delusion. Unfortunately the truth, any side of it, although immensely valuable to us all, is all too much an unpopular subject here in mainstream mind-controlled America in 2005 prior to the next world war fully erupting. The consequences of The People choosing ignorance are not blissful, they are disasterous; especially when the government is now never caught in any crimes they continually commit. The conspiracy is clearly behind the coming flu/influenza 'spanish flu' depopulation plague. The World's people are being caught blindsighted because they have been 'cultured' by a scientifically controlled media to not believe in the new world order conspiracy. Please message me at Email: Log in to view email Web Site: (print/bookstore) Telephone: 512-280-5835 Address: 8401 Steamline Circle Austin, Texas 78745 United States fax: 512-499-0089


Reviewer: Mar McKay - favorite - March 11, 2014
Subject: What?
The information purported in this book is unsubstantiated, not supported with fact and is fiction of the worst sort. It's a "conspiracy theory."
Reviewer: artstar274 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 8, 2013
Subject: Don't listen to the brainwashed here or the deliberate "Chosen" Luciferians
Albert Pike? Anton Lavey and his "winery" pyramid Opus 1? Rothschilds(Head of the Devils)? Israeli butchery? Adam Weishaupt? Numerous statements by US Senators, Presidents(Assassinated ones, also Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson), Talmud anyone? Anti-Defamation League? NAACP? Schiffs? Warburgs? Rockefellers? Goldman Sachs? "Federal" Reserve? Bank of "England", Ben Gurion and JFK and Israeli nuclear weapons? Chertoff and Silverstein in 9-11? Mossad? Lincoln and JFK? 6 pointed Israeli star? Ashkenazi Jews? Khazars? International Central Banksters? Aleister Crowley? Goetia? Luciferianism? Masonic 33 degrees? Mazzini? Numerous statements by Rabbis and Zionists themselves? "Chosen" People? On and on and on the lies and Jewish owned media propaganda while they suck everyone else dry before killing them. WAKE UP!!!!
Creature from Jekyll Island
Dope, Inc
the banned books about Jesuits
The Greening
Final Judgement(JFK)
By Way of Deception
Synagogue of Satan
The Naked Capitalist
Tragedy and Hope
Anthony Suttons work
The Amazing Rockefellers
Addicted to War
Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow
Occult Theocracy
etc etc etc
Reviewer: hohokam - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 26, 2010
Subject: A Defense
Actually, the more I look into the heart of the 911 false flag operation the more I am impressed with the game playing behind the scenes. There is a hell of a lot of numerology game playing going on within the op. Whether these games are just an insider's chuckle or actually part of a Luciferian rite I don't know, but the ritual of number is obvious - way beyond coincidence. Whatever parties were behind the op it should not be surprising that they would append other little games and diversions onto their "projects." These are fundamentally psychopathic personalities and such games are part and parcel of the psychological profile of these types. And whether or not these sick characters take the Masonic thing seriously or not they do use it as a recruiting tool for the types of individuals impressed with that stuff, so it has its practical uses apart from whether or not it is considered a powerful reality.
By the way, the www.911exposed,org site is one of the very best for big picturing the 911 op. Truly excellent site.
Reviewer: Nutz2u - favorite - November 16, 2008
Subject: Dumbest collection of ideas and thoughts...
What a dumb collection of ideas and thoughts. There is so little redeeming value in this garbage I can't believe it has been downloaded a single solitary time. I feel sorry for the moron who wrote this and I think it is very unfortunate that some seemingly normal intelligent people can be convinced of almost any controversy or conspiracy as long as it is NEGATIVE! There are nut jobs out there that actually think the Federal government imploded the World Trade Center Towers. It is nutty authors like this one that help foster ignorance and stupidity. I hope the author checks himself into the "real world" someday, but at the moment it lives in the "bizarro world"...
Reviewer: Reality Check - favorite - March 1, 2008
Subject: He is really walking upright?
Seems others on this thread knows Eric Rainbolt personally as I do.

Well, I agree with most of the legitimate analysis of Eric and his traits but I did not see anyone mention that Eric has hairy ape knuckles!
Reviewer: Rainbolt Is A Flake Cake - favorite - October 14, 2007
Subject: This guy is more weird than Leslie Cochran!!
I only have a couple of statements to make here:

Eric Rainbolt, you are flake cake!
Seek professional help, Son.

Eric, any day you wish to move to a foreign country, I will personally pay for your One-Way ticket, you fruit cake.

Eric must be the one disguising himself as one of the few 'positive' reviews here because I cannot even imagine anyone that personally knows this Eric Rainbolt of Austin, TX would rally to a single breath of anything he spews out of his brain damaged head.

I wonder what sort of person would actually associate themselves personally with Eric Rainbolt??

Perhaps it is not appropriate for me to critisize someone like Eric Rainbolt that has obvious mental issues. I apologize.
Reviewer: pjean - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 6, 2007
Subject: Eric is absolutely right!
I can't believe the number of scoffers who can't even recognize the speeding train that is bearing down on them. You know, folks, you're not paranoid if there actually IS a conspiracy. I've even heard people make jokes about the superhighway those in power are planning to build from mexico up through Texas and on to Kansas City. The plans are right on the TXDOT website, people. Just one big happy north-american family, right? You scoffers need to drop the sarcasm and do some research yourselves. To Eric, good job!
Reviewer: ToKnowHimPersonally - favorite - March 19, 2007
Subject: Reading from an Unknown Author versus Knowing the Author Personally
It's one thing reading a book from an author you may not know personally and forming opinions about their writings.

I happen to know this author quite well personally.
He has been around in Austin for a number of years participating in all aspects of politics in which he constantly takes the side of the most opposing stance to gain attention.

If themajority of the population said they wanted sunshine tomorrow, this guy would write a book of why we should not have sunshine to brighten your day.

This is the same guy that was so mature (immature) to go downtown Austin late at night and spray paint public city stop signs with the word "Bush" underneath the word "Stop" on the stop signs near the Governor's Mansion back when Bush was Governor and running for President.

I have seen this guy downtown protesting against issues so hard that he was literally sweating at 10 PM at night with a madman look in his eyes.

He is also the same guy that told me one time that he would like to start his own "live together commune with a bunch of female followers worshipping him."

I can give quite a number of stories about author of this book but I don't think he is even worthy of this much attention.

I have always wondered what happened in Eric's background or childhood for him to possess so much hate and anxiety starting so young in his life.

I have been very concerned for a number of year of this author's actions behind the scenes.

It would not surprise me in the least if he became a Hinckley, or KoolAid Jonestown Follower (Want-To-Be-Leader.)

Eric, this is America and people have rights to their opinion but you are so far out there, I seriously and sincerely think you have mental issues.

I hope readers of anything published or broadcasted by Eric Rainbolt will do themselves justice and investigate Eric's track record over the years.

I would like to see some people that have known Eric personally for a number of years as I have known him and give their very honest evalution of Eric's works.

I know Eric is a webmaster of sort by some trade so he can easily pot a number or rebuttals on here with different email addreses and domains.
Hopefully otherse will give their honest reviews of Eric and his works on the internet besides Eric boosting his own ratings by logging on with a number of different methods and falsely attempting to boost himsself.

I think Austin, TX is a great great city. We value all that Austin offers with its rich diversity.
The type of diversity and radicalism that Eric has contributed to Austin over the years is certainly not any of those positives of Austin though.

I guess if you drive by Eric's residence, you will get a real taste of who and what Eric really is about. You certainly will not view any degree of success in that environment.
Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover!
Reviewer: executioner - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 10, 2007
Subject: you just gotta love this reaction...
every time someone tells the truth about how we are manipulated, abused and lied to, there come illuminati lackeys, little pet dogs, barking 'that's complete nonsense'.

great job eric, my respect. thanks for your time and effort you invested in researching this.

and to those couple of creatures not worth referring to who left 'their comments', you can talk again when i let you. now go bark off and run back to your owner and try to find me if you can. i'd just LOVE to meet you one day, i mean if you are man enough.
Reviewer: DJ Bad Influence - favorite - September 19, 2006
Subject: Complete and total waste of time
1. You gotta love an author that writes a review and gives it five start to "weigh" the rating! At least I give him credit for using his own ID.

2. There is sooooo much mistruth in here it's rediculous. Obviously, this clueless author has done nothing but research witty quotes and combined them with the finest research available on conspiracy theory or Alex Jones' sites.

3. You learn a little bit about Masonry, combine that with 3 disasters that happened on the 11th of the month and blame that on a fraternity????

I'm not wasting any more time on this - what a whackjob!
Reviewer: Fenster Karton - favorite - August 25, 2006
Subject: Misinformation
To say that Masons and Bolshevics work for the same goal and are all Illuminati shows an enormous lack of perspective and historical knowledge.
George Washington was a Mason

This is the same stuff as Y2k and the world ending.
Reviewer: pawel_779 - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 22, 2006
Subject: cheap sensation I think
...but interesting
Reviewer: LeChance - favorite - June 30, 2006
Subject: Money Money Money
Tell shit - make people beliving your shit - frighten them - make them to want to know more - ahh sell them some books - take some cocktail - great life. Amerian administration sucks Jones also sucks.

Forget this NWO freemasonry shit!!!!!! Dont buy this book!!!!!!!

Greenpeace and Attack Community are ruling.
Reviewer: EricRainbolt - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 9, 2005
Subject: Please copy and past this link for 500+ websites (Link index to many of the truth reporting websites across the internet and hundreds of forums. Please share truth and this link.)
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